5 Gluten-Free Summer Dessert Recipes

The Glutenless Maximus

Berry Galette

A gluten-free berry galette screams summer to me. The crust is flaky, slightly sweet, and buttery, and it has a special added touch.

Lava Cookies

The hazelnut chocolate spreads throughout the cookie in the oven and makes the cookie so rich and decadent. It doesn't hurt that the cookie dough comes together in minutes, too!

Strawberry Pie Bars

The summer is flying by and I'm trying to use as much seasonal produce as possible. There's nothing better than a fresh and juicy strawberry on a hot summer day.

Raspberry Crumble

There's something so special about a fruit crumble on a summer night.

Strawberry Torte

If you love fresh strawberries, you must try this juicy, delicious, and beautiful strawberry torte.